Centerless Grinding

Everything you wanted to know

Raymac has the best centerelss thrufeed and infeed grinding services.

Centerless Grinding

How it came to be

When many parts have to be processed in a short time, Raymac Grinding turns to Centerless grinding. Centerless grinding has no spindle or fixture to secure the workpiece. Instead, the workpiece is secured between two rotary grinding wheels a stationary wheel (grinding wheel), and moving wheel (regulating wheel). The speed of these wheels determines the rate of stock removed per pass from the workpiece.

Thrufeed Grinding

Simple cylindrical shapes

Thrufeed also known as Through-feed is a centerless grinding process, where the workpiece completely enters one side and exits the opposite side. With the regulating wheel being slanted away from the plane of the grinding wheel to provide lateral force, feeding the workpiece between the two grinding wheels, and removing stock from the workpiece. Thrufeed grinding is a very efficient and accurate process. It is recommended to use with ferrous and non-ferrous cylindrical shaped workpieces.
Centerless infeed grinding. Raymac the best machine shop in Orange County.

Infeed Grinding

Production machining for complex shapes

Infeed also known as In-feed is a centerless grinding process, where complex shapes are being formed on a workpiece such as an hourglass shape. Infeed grinding requires more preparation by accurately setting the regulating wheel into place. Once the Infeed centerless grinding wheel has been "dressed" for the workpiece, the process begins. Infeed centerless grinding is best suited for workpieces that require multiple diameters.  Infeed centerless grinding is most practical for a larger quantity of workpieces where accuracy and turn around time is crucial.