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High-quality precision grinding services for many industries

Our Standards are high, tolerances even higher!

With over 58 years of experience, Raymac Grinding will continue to provide high-quality precision grinding services for many industries. All of our jobs meet our stringent tolerances and are delivered on time. We have over 65 industrial grinding machines and qualified machine operators ready to meet your critical schedule. Raymac Grinding sets the standard when it comes to production machining in Orange County.

Precision You Can Count On

We maintain stringent tolerances in our daily grind. Every job is quality-checked for precision and needs to pass our requirements before we are finished. Raymac Grinding takes the time to make sure that every single component is of the highest quality.
Precision you can count on.
The best machining process to fit even the most demanding task

Experience You Can Trust

Raymac Grinding has the experience, and qualified technicians to provide quick turn around times, high tolerance finish, and fair pricing. Raymac Grinding works with clients from many industries, such as aviation, automotive, medical, and defense to name a few. With years of experience, we offer the best machining process to fit even the most demanding task.

Grinding Services

The services below are just some of the few services we provide


Type: Thrufeed & Infeed grinding 
Recommended For: Cylindrical parts
Material Type: Ferrous and non-ferrous material

For grinding bar stock, there is almost nothing that matches up to centerless grinding. Using an abrasive material, such as polycrystalline diamond and cubic boron nitride, we can remove material without deformation. We offer high precision Thrufeed and Infeed centerless grinding for workpieces. With Thrufeed centerless grinding, we are able to work with workpieces with consistent roundness in the length of the workpiece. In Infeed centerless grinding, Raymac Grinding can grind cylindrical workpieces with complex shapes and/or tapers to stringent tolerances. Whatever the method, we have over 58 years of experience, and can do the job right and on time!
Precesion Grinding for both Infeed and through feed grinding services.
Raymac Centerless honing for ferrous and non ferrous workpieces.

Honing Services

Improves: Out-Of-Roundness, axial distortion, and taper
Recommended For:
High-performance components
Material Type: Ferrous material, non-ferrous material, and other material types

Honing is accomplished by abrasive stones of suitable grit depending on the workpiece characteristic type.  Raymac Grinding uses the highest quality honing stones for the best accuracy and finish. Finishing is done by rotating the proper honing tool against the work surface. The stock removal process takes out any flaked metal and provides the best possible finish pattern. In addition, honing will remove any out-of-roundness, axial distortion, and taper the workpiece may have.

Thread Rolling

Thread Types: Multiple high-quality steel forming dies
Recommended For: Fastener manufacturing
Production: 1 piece - 200,000 + pieces
Knurling For: Medical field, tool handles, and more

Thread Rolling produces precise and uniform external threads on fasteners by using a cold forging process that reshapes stock from ductile ground blanks, forming high tensile and shear strength external threads on the workpiece. For over 58 years, Raymac Grinding has been accommodating knurling services. We provide the best knurling finish from angled and cross line diamond patterns.
Raymac does thread rolling, for bolts, nuts, and other hardware.
Surfacing ferrous and non-ferrous material, plastics and some rubber.


TOLERANCE: +/-.001"
RECOMMENDED FOR: Large castings, large sections of plate stock, large stampings and more.
MATERIAL TYPE: Ferrous material, non-ferrous material some plastics and rubber.

Referred to as rotary surface grinding, Blanchard Grinding removes stock from one side of the material. Rotary surface grinding is best suited for large pieces of material, to a tolerance no less than 0.001". For ferrous materials, Raymac Grinding utilizes magnets and we use alternative holding methods for non-ferrous materials. We also due surface grinding on other materials such as plastics and rubber.

Why Chose Us?

Qualified Machinist
Raymac Grinding has machinist with years of  experience in the industry. Our machinist can work with very stringent tolerances. We are fully committed to our customers. You can trust us when your product arrives at our machine shop to when it is shipped back to you.

Our Core Values

Raymac Grinding has been abiding by its core values for over 58 years. We have developed and will continue to develop strong relationships with our customers, and vendors. We believe in passing our values forward.

The quality of being honest and having strong principals. Raymac Grinding will always do what is right for our customer, the company and its employees.
Our vision is simple to maximize quality while minimizing production times. In our 58 plus years of service, we have it down to a science. Our customers are confident that their job is being completed with maximum productivity and stringent tolerances by our qualified machinist.
Raymac Grinding is fully committed to protecting the environment. We make sure that waste is properly disposed of and our machine shop is running to regulations and local ordinances. In addition, we invest in proper infrastructure that will make our company even more efficient.